Distinctive Typefaces

Colt Type Co. is the type studio of Adam Greasley who creates fun and distinctive typefaces for brands and organisations.


Humanist Sans Serif. 9 weights plus italics.


Cribin Serif Display font

Channeling the condensed serif vibes from Nirvana’s Nevermind


Supertall Condensed display font

A page filling beast, Supertall is a heavy condensed display font designed to command a page layout.


CTCO Hopps Condensed

A condensed sans serif display font


Something Rounded Blackletter Font

A roman blackletter with soft corners


Turnkey Font Ink Traps

A neo-grotesque workhorse with ink traps


Gather Serif

An elegant serif display font


Codo Mono


Cake Bake Font


Dead Meat


Take Note


Bowler Hand Slab Serif