Codo Mono


Codo Mono Modern monospace typeface

Standard and italic styles, 6 weights + variable weight versions.

Codo Mono is a carefully crafted monospaced typeface featuring stylistic alternatives to help make your design or branding stand out.


Codo Mono Family:

  • Codo Mono Thin
  • Codo Mono Extra Light
  • Codo Mono Light
  • Codo Mono Regular
  • Codo Mono Medium
  • Codo Mono Bold
  • Codo Mono Italic Thin
  • Codo Mono Italic Extra Light
  • Codo Mono Italic Light
  • Codo Mono Italic Regular
  • Codo Mono Italic Medium
  • Codo Mono Italic Bold


  • Codo Mono Variable weight
  • Codo Mono Italic Variable weight

This font has extensive Latin language support for Western, Central, and South-Eastern European. Designed to have great legibility with a modern feel, Codo Mono is well suited to branding, magazines, editorial copy, packaging, and more.

All fonts and font families are sold with a standard desktop license. If you require a license that covers more applications please get in touch.