Cribin Serif Display font


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Introducing Cribin: A Playful Condensed Serif Inspired by 90s Grunge and Vintage Aesthetics.

Unleash your creativity with Cribin, a distinctive display font that seamlessly blends the rebellious vibe of 90s grunge music, the timeless charm of vintage letterpress, and the bold impact of classic posters. Its condensed form, strong serifs, and high contrast make every character a work of art, inviting designers, logo enthusiasts, and magazine creators to infuse projects with a touch of attitude and sophistication.

Designed to captivate, Cribin adds character to every design element, from striking logos that demand attention to captivating headlines that invite readers to explore further. Whether on the web, in print, or across branding and editorial projects, Cribin’s versatility ensures your creations stand out.

Experience the fusion of 90s nostalgia and contemporary design prowess with Cribin. Elevate your projects today.

Cribin is great when paired with CTCo Hopps.

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